Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

Braces – Crossbite, Crowding, Ectopic dentition

Patient wore braces for 24 months, fixed the misalignment of teeth concentrated on the left side and closed the space in between the front teeth caused by a high frenulum pull. (A frenulum is the tiny muscle that runs from the upper lip down in between the front two teeth).

Braces – Crowding, Ectopic Canines

This young lady presented with no room for her upper canines as well as some rotated teeth. The lower dentition was good, so she only wore braces on her upper arch.

Braces – Overjet, Overbite

Our patient had a large overjet, upper spacing, and a severe overbite. Treatment time was 2 years.

Habit Appliance and Braces – Open bite, Finger sucking habit, Overjet, Constricted jaw

This patient started treatment with us when she was very young. She came to us with a finger sucking habit that was treated with a habit appliance during Phase I of her treatment. Once her adult dentition started coming in, Phase II consisted of 2 years of braces along with a Rapid Palatal Expander to treat her constricted jaw.

Invisalign - Severe Spacing

This adult patient presented with severe spacing which was treated with full Invisalign treatment that lasted 12 months.

Braces, Expander and Orthognathic Surgery – Constricted maxilla

This young man’s situation was his constricted upper jaw which required surgery. He was treated with braces, Rapid Palatal Expander in conjunction with surgery to correct the relationship between his upper and lower jaws; his total treatment consisted of 3 years.

Braces – Severe Crowding, Ectopic Canines

Our patient presented with severe crowding that did not allow the canines to grow into position. Her dentition was treated with braces for a total of 2 years.

Braces – Orthognathic Surgery – Upper Jaw Deficiency, Lower Jaw Excess

This patient came to us with an anterior crossbite, he was in what is known as Class III, meaning his upper teeth/jaw was resting behind his lower teeth. This was treated with braces as well as surgery. His total treatment lasted a total of 2 years with retainers at the end.

Braces – Severe Crowding, Posterior Crossbite

This patient presented with very little room for all her teeth as well as a crossbite. With braces we were able to make enough room and give her a healthy new smile.

"Had an awesome experience and Dr.Mizrahi was very thorough and professional. I can't wait to start treatment!!"

Hansia M.

"Dr. Mizrahi and staff are very friendly and professional. Would not trade him for another orthodontist. He treated me now my son will be under his care."

Calvin B.

"Very good orthodontist. Staff is very efficient, professional and friendly."

Sade B.

"Best orthdontist ever and his staff is wonderful."

Pammy J.

"I have never experienced such medical services. It exceeds my expectations. I am so proud of the staff and of course Dr. Mizrahi's professionalism."

Samantha O.