Are You a Candidate for a Damon Smile?

Having misaligned teeth can cause functional problems when you eat and speak. It can also result in low-self esteem about your appearance. However, many people endure these consequences instead of dealing with unattractive and uncomfortable metal braces. It’s estimated that up to 75% of people could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Damon Clear® braces, which are self-ligating, are less noticeable, cause less discomfort, and can provide dramatic results in less time than traditional braces.  

Emanuel Mizrahi, DDS, of Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates in Forest Hills, New York, helps people of all ages achieve remarkable results with Damon Clear braces. In this blog, Dr. Mizrahi discusses what’s unique about Damon Clear braces and how they may be able to help you.

A different type of appliance

Like traditional braces, the Damon Clear system uses brackets that are bonded to your teeth and wires that are threaded through the brackets. In both systems, it’s the wire, not the brackets, that forces your teeth into the proper positions. Your teeth are moved by sliding the brackets along the wires. 

With traditional braces, elastic bands or metal ties hold the wires in place. However, the Damon Clear system uses a slide mechanism that is a part of each bracket to hold the wires in place. These mechanisms allow teeth to move more naturally without the force and friction of traditional braces.

The system is named Damon Clear because most of the components are clear. This can be a great option if you’re concerned about the appearance of traditional metal braces.

No elastic bands

The elastic bands used with traditional braces can lose their strength over time and need to be replaced. This can require regular office visits to apply new bands and tighten the wires. Because of this, you may experience soreness after every tightening appointment as your teeth adjust to the new increased pressure and friction.

With Damon Clear, the slide mechanism eliminates the friction and binding caused by elastic ties. It allows the brackets to move naturally and gradually with the teeth during realignment. This requires less force, so you should experience less pressure and less discomfort.

When compared with traditional braces, Damon Clear can mean fewer office visits and longer times between appointments. For many patients, this system can also reduce treatment time by up to seven months.

Multiple types of correction

Damon Clear can correct most orthodontic problems. Dr. Mizrahi will determine the best treatment plan for your situation after a thorough evaluation. 

You may be a candidate for Damon Clear braces if you have any of the following orthodontic problems:

Better dental hygiene

Damo Clear braces also make it easier to keep your teeth clean and maintain good dental hygiene, because they don’t require sticky elastic ties that can attract and collect plaque. Less friction against your teeth can also help minimize the effects of erosion.

To learn more about Damon Clear braces and to see if they can help you, book an appointment over the phone with Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates today.

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