Damon Smile: The Less Invasive Way to Straighter Teeth

A beautiful smile is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. Straight teeth and a gorgeous smile are not just for vanity’s sake. Teeth that are aligned as they should be, and an even bite, contribute to your ongoing dental health. Straight, aligned teeth are much easier to care for.

Braces make perfect teeth possible, but traditional braces can be uncomfortable and cumbersome, requiring frequent orthodontic appointments for invasive adjustments and tightening. Many people are turned off by the appearance of traditional metal braces as well as the length of time necessary for them to do their job.

That’s where Damon Smile comes in. Emanuel Mizrahi, DDS, at Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates has seen great success with the Damon Clear braces for adults, teens, and preteens.

A new way to achieve straighter teeth

Damon Smile is a revolutionary technology that uses slide mechanisms instead of metal brackets, and these braces don’t rely on elastic bands or metal clips. The Damon System beautifully corrects such orthodontic issues as overbite, gaps between teeth, and teeth that are uneven or overcrowded.

Damon Clear uses mostly clear components, making these braces virtually invisible. The tieless braces don't require tightening and are gentle to your teeth and tissues, so Damon Clear works faster and is far more comfortable than traditional braces. These remarkable braces straighten your smile using less pressure than traditional braces, so there’s very little of the discomfort that accompanies metal braces.

How Damon Smile works

The key to Damon Clear’s exceptional results is found in the innovative way these braces straighten your teeth. Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires that require tightening at regular intervals in order to achieve results. With Damon Clear, the braces utilize a slide mechanism.

Damon Clear eliminates the need for elastic bands as well. Their ingenious method incorporates a high technology archwire that’s connected to the sliding brackets, straightening your teeth without the pressure of elastic bands. As your teeth shift into their straighter alignment, the brackets and wires move naturally, along with your teeth, continuing the straightening process.

Damon Smile gently shifts and straightens your teeth but with fast results. The Damon process takes about seven months less, on average, to achieve the desired results than traditional braces.

Benefits of Damon Smile

Additional benefits of the remarkable Damon Smile braces include:

Damon Smile is not for everyone. Some individuals with serious misalignment may require a different approach. Dr. Mizrahi thoroughly reviews your case and addresses your concerns at your consultation.

To learn more about the Damon System, contact Forest Hills Orthodontic Associates. Our office is conveniently located in Forest Hills, New York. Dr. Mizrahi and his caring support staff look forward to helping you or your child achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

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